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Beauty in All Things

Updated: May 8, 2019

I don’t imagine I will be very active on this blog space with the amount of energy that goes into nurturing kids, relationships, and life being so precious time wise.  It is a nice way, though, for me to share bits of myself and connect more personally with all of you, so here I go.. 

Life with young kids can feel pretty mundane. It's been one of my life's greatest honors being home with my boys full time, but let me assure you, it has not been easy. It takes commitment and boundless patience to slow down enough to experience the immense beauty and meaning each day brings. It's too easy to get lost in dishes, cleaning, feeding, this, that, and that too.. the constant pulls, tugs and needs of a home full of spirited beings, including those with paws.

Somewhere along the way, I realized that the person that existed before having kids was being neglected and no longer visible, even to myself. Life opened up and reawakened within me the day I reached for my camera on that dusty closet shelf and committed to taking up space again. Space I deserved and needed, and my kids deserved and needed for me to be a better mom to them.

This is when my journey as a photographer ascended to a new creative level. I was inspired and eager to dive in, build skills and tap into my deeper creativity and expression. Of course, the time I had the most space for myself was when my kids were in school and there was no one around to shoot. I decided to find the beauty in the quiet and mundane parts of my everyday life. These were also essential parts, and parts I wanted to remember too.

So that's what I did. I occupied the quiet spaces of my day and of my heart. I looked deeply and I listened. Here are some of the images I captured of my precious, mundane life early in my photography journey.

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