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Front Porch Project

Saying 2020 has been an epic, historical year sounds so cliché. But we all know it's not.

The stories and details are different for every individual, family, business..

but what is the same is that we ALL went through it.  

This was a collective experience.

A collective p a u s e and d i s r u p t i o n.  

Of status quo.  Business as usual.  Life as we have organized it.

We were asked to stop and rearrange it all.

Our external and internal worlds.

And to rely on each other.

This time has been filled with immeasurable challenges and immeasurable blessings.  

I feel deeply fortunate and grateful for the g r o w t h.  The opportunity to dig-in deeper, reset entrenched patterns, find new expression and new strength.

I am also grateful for the s u r p r i s e s.



2020 claimed. It. All.

An unexpected surprise that showed up for me during quarantine was connecting with and capturing Bend families for my Front Porch Project. 

What started off as a humble personal offering, expanded into what felt like a celebration of community and giving.

D’Anza Freeman, publisher of Bend’s NWX Living Magazine, caught on to what I was doing and helped spread the porch photography love... and generosity by featuring my project in the June and July issues and matching my 20% for NWX families and businesses!

Here are the beautiful families and few neighborhood businesses that participated in my Front Porch Project, with some sharing their FAVORITE memories of quarantine...

"Street yoga, flowers and toilet paper pyramids on my birthday!"

(I was there. It was early in quarantine and mega heart-lifting.)

"We'll always remember going on long, meandering walks through the neighborhood and spending the entire day in the backyard."

"Our family has embraced the idea of slowing down and focusing on enjoying each day.  We've loved spending time outside exploring new trails."

"We have enjoyed being able to slow down and spend time with our families."

"With our crew intact, we reopen!"

"Hearing Kate Brown say we're entering phase 1 of reopening!"

"Playing ping pong together and [older brother] teaching the whole family how to play poker."

"We always try to have fun.... our front yard became our new cocktail lounge."

"My grandson always fills our home with laughs and love, so having to stay sheltered in place was a blessing in disguise. His companionship will be what I remember most about the quarantine."

"Watching my young children play and connect, and seeing the relationship between the three of them grow closer was the best part of the days at home. It made each day harder in a million ways, but our family bond will be forever stronger because of it."

"We have enjoyed a slower pace and having more family time to connect more, play games, cards, puzzles, cook and bake together."

July Follow- Up Issue in NorthWest Crossing Living Magazine ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️

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